Our goal is to promote self-love and wellness through
life-enhancing self-care rituals.


We believe in the bountiful healing properties of plants and the life-enhancing benefits of self-care rituals. That's why we've curated our favorite phytonutrients rich oils, including Vitamin C and Calendula, and combined them with CoQ10, to create a potent and synergic vegan face serum that's safe for everyday use.


This highly nourishing and antioxidant-rich elixir has been particularly crafted for adult skin. Our oil-based formula is easily absorbed by the skin, delivering a supercharged dose of nutrients, quickly and effortlessly.

Cellular Regeneration Serum is safe and beneficial for all skin types but a particularly great option for oily and acne-prone skins because of its non comedogenic properties.

High Vibrational

We believe "cruelty free" goes both ways. It's not only not harming animals for personal use—which is one of the tenets of our brand—but it's also extending that kindness towards yourself.

Our intention is becoming part of your beauty rituals to enhance your sense of self-love and, in a health sustaining way, help you magnify your natural glow.